Tuesday, January 10, 2012

If you want to change the culture of Washington...

...then you might want to consider what Mike McCurry has to say.

You might remember Mr. McCurry as one of President Clinton's press secretary. On Monday, he addressed the students and faculty in attendance at The Washington Center's politics and the media academic seminar.

During the q-and-a session, Mr. McCurry was asked if he had the proverbial magic wand, how he would change Washington. Remember, he was offering nothing more, nothing less than an opinion. He suggested three ideas.

First, he said he would make it illegal for any member of Congress to hold any fundraiser in Washington on any night when Congress is in session. His argument was that the absence of trust in Congress (and Washington) today in part is based on members of Congress not spending any time together.

Second, he said that he would find a way to overturn the Supreme Court decision that allowed for "Super PACs" because of the unbelievable (that's my word) money that can now be spent on ads by organizations with no direct connection to a political candidate but in support of that candidate.

Finally, Mr. McCurry noted that he would find some way to create fact-based, information-laden Websites that would counter the "urban myths" and other falsehoods associated with today's political climate.

I found his last idea of special interest, and obviously because it referenced the media. As I listened to his answer, I wished that I had had some kind of answer or means of helping him.

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