Thursday, January 05, 2012

Iran gets tough...

...against people who want to use Internet cafes.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty reports that the Iranian government is placing restrictions on people who surf the Web in that country.
According to the new rules, the personal information of citizens visiting cybercafes, such as their name, father's name, national ID number, and telephone number, will be registered. Cafe owners will be required to keep the personal and contact information of their clients and also a record of their browsing history for six months.

Another new rule that has been announced requires cybercafe owners to install closed-circuit cameras and keep the video recordings for six months. The guidelines also say that installing circumvention tools that allow access to banned websites will be illegal at Internet cafes.

Deputy cyberpolice chief Mohsen Mirbehresi has said that owners of Internet cafes should deny Internet access to those who do not show their IDs. Internet cafes have 15 days to implement the restrictions, which were announced on January 3.
Ah, leadership. On display so very well in Iran these days (insert laugh track here).

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