Monday, January 16, 2012

Mitt "Teflon" Romney?

It was often said of Ronald Reagan that no matter the criticism of him, it wouldn't stick.

I'm beginning to think that Mitt Romney is ready to assume that title as well. Once he won the caucuses in Iowa, his fellow Republican presidential candidates have released a torrent of invective at him.

So far, it's had no effect. As one Washington Post editorial correctly notes, "Forget all the noise, Romney is still cruising toward the nomination".

The latest example -- a group of conservative religious leaders gathered in Texas over the weekend and announced that they were rallying behind Rick Santorum. Nevertheless, Mr. Romney continues to hold a lead in South Carolina, which hosts its primary on Saturday.

If Mr. Romney wins there this weekend, a legitimate question has to be asked: Is the GOP race over?

But the more interesting question will be this: Is Mr. Romney the new Teflon politician?

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