Monday, January 02, 2012

The NFL's best and worst during the 2011 regular season

NFC's best team: San Francisco. No, I don't think the 49ers will get to the Super Bowl, but no group of players meshed better than this one

AFC's best team: New England: The Patriots teams from the previous decade were more dominant, but this one appears to know how to win

NFC's worst team(s): St. Louis and Tampa Bay: Hold your nose as you examine the carcasses

AFC's worst team: Indianapolis: The Colts will need more than Luck next season

NFC's most disappointing team: St. Louis: This group resembled the not-so-lovable Lambs of a few years ago

AFC's most disappointing team: New York: Grounded, but not for the right reasons

NFC's non-playoff team with the best hope to make it to the post-season in 2012: Philadelphia. The Eagles will benefit from a third-place schedule and a determination to be better.

AFC's non-playoff team(s) with the best hope to make it to the post-season in 2012: Oakland/San Diego.One of them (perhaps both) will jump ahead of the Denver Broncos and into the post-season.

NFC's best player: TIE: Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay; and Drew Brees, New Orleans. Go ahead, you pick one over the other

AFC's best player: Rob Gronkowski, New England: A beast, plain and simple

NFC's most controversial player: Tony Romo, Dallas. Will he ever guide a team to the Super Bowl?

AFC's most controversial player: Tim Tebow, Denver. He could start next quarterback, wide receiver, tight end or on the bench.

NFC's non-interim coach least likely to return: Raheem Morris, Tampa Bay. No way he survives the disaster that was the end of the season.

AFC's non-interim coach least likely to return: Norv Turner, San Diego. How many years of mediocrity and not meeting expectations is he responsible for?

NFC's most likely Super Bowl representative: Green Bay. Home field could be the difference in a match up with New Orleans.

AFC's most likely Super Bowl representative: New England. This team wins with more grit than its predecessors from last decade.

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