Friday, January 06, 2012

NHL relaignment plan? What NHL realignment plan?

Remember those grand plans for the NHL to reduce from six to four divisions? And for the playoff structure to be revamped? And for the Winnipeg Jets to move to the Western Conference?

So, do I. But the Canadian Press says we can forget about it, at least for now.
Deputy commissioner Bill Daly said the league was unable to address the union's unspecified concerns with the change.
"It is unfortunate that the NHLPA has unreasonably refused to approve a plan that an overwhelming majority of our clubs voted to support, and that has received such widespread support from our fans and other members of the hockey community, including players."
Daly added the league would look at its legal options.
That last sentence is not encouraging.

Post Media News adds that, at least for now, the players' union isn't talking.

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