Thursday, January 05, 2012

Perhaps you shouldn't scratch another name from the list of potential Penn State head football coaches

Less than 24 hours after the possibility of Bill O'Brien becoming the head football coach at Penn State seemed dead and gone comes news that...

...he might in fact be the next football coach at Penn State. CBS Sports reports that Mr. O'Brien, who is the offensive coordinator with the New England Patriots, will meet with university leaders on Thursday.
O’Brien’s agent, Joe Linta, said O’Brien would want to see what’s available in the NFL coaching circle before thinking about a non-pro job, but with Jeff Fisher taking up so much of the oxygen and with the Patriots potentially headed for a deep playoff run after their first-round bye, now is probably a good time for O’Brien to see what Penn State potentially has to offer him.

According to's Jason La Canfora, "the potential to strike a deal is very real."
From the outside looking in, it appears that Penn State has badly handled this coaching search. But if the school ends up making a great hire (and I'm not implying Mr. O'Brien would or would not be), then that is what people will remember.

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