Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Reality TV, Washington-style?

Politico reports that an unusual concept for a reality television program is being floated in our nation's capital.
[Doron] Ofir and his casting company, Doron Ofir Casting, which has been behind such hits as “Jersey Shore” and “Millionaire Matchmaker,” put out a casting call last month for “young hot politicos who care about America [and] follow the heated debates, rallies, protests and scandals!”
POLITICO checked in with Ofir to see how things are going and Ofir is more confident than ever that this could be the one D.C. reality show to take off.
“I had an enormous, incredible response to the casting notifications,” said Ofir, who said he received over 400 applications. “Even on Jersey Shore we didn’t receive this kind of response. My point of view is that, if half of the country is watching political news shows and the other half is watching reality TV, why not merge both?”

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