Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Supreme Court says "no"... hearing a pair of cases involving students and free speech.

The Associated Press takes a look at the justices' decision and the cases they could have considered.
The Supreme Court has passed up a pair of cases for the online age — whether schools may censor students who are at home when they create online attacks against school officials and other students.

The justices on Tuesday rejected appeals from Pennsylvania and West Virginia involving difficult questions about the limits on criticism from students and where the authority of school officials ends.
In one case, an appeals court upheld the suspension of a West Virginia student who created a web page suggesting another student had a sexually transmitted disease and invited classmates to comment. In the other case, a different appeals court said two Pennsylvania students could not be disciplined at school for parodies of their principals that they created on home computers and posted online.
In a separate story, the Associated Press takes a closer look at the cases.

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