Thursday, January 26, 2012

You could travel to Mexico...or slip in your tub

As PostMedia News reports, your chances of being seriously injured are about the same.
After I checked my email at a poolside bar in Playa del Carmen last week, I checked the news, and read about Sheila Nabb's terrible injuries in Mazatlan.
Nabb, a 37-year-old Calgary office worker, was attacked in an elevator at her five-star resort in the small hours of the morning. Every bone in her face was broken and she faces a long, painful recovery.
On my flight back to snowy Ottawa, I watched a TV story about another Canadian attacked in Mazatlan.
Scott Giddy, of Fergus, Ont., was beaten over the head near the same resort last spring.
The TV networks have been playing these stories in heavy rotation, asking whether Canadians should feel safe travelling to Mexico.
These are compelling personal stories, the kind of news that keeps you from clicking your remote, and it is easy for producers to justify this sensationalism because the TV stations are making Canadians aware of the risks of travelling to Mexico, which are real.
But there are risks, also, with a day on the nearest ski hill, with the drive to the ski hill, with taking a cruise in Italy, or even staying locked in your own residence in Canada, where you might slip in the tub and crack your head.
As we become safer and richer, our culture becomes ever more risk averse, and stories like Nabb's and Giddy's loom too large in our thoughts.
The Globe and Mail offers a similar message (directed to Canadians but certainly applicable to Americans) -- most of Mexico is perfectly safe for visitors. 

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